Support for Your Investment

Tuttnauer understands the time and financial investment in Pharmaceutical projects and we provide the assistance needed to make your project installation and qualification successful.

With Tuttnauer Pharmaceutical autoclaves you receive support that will save you time, effort and expense.

For over 87 years, Tuttnauer’s sterilization and infection control products have been trusted at thousands of sites throughout the world. Tuttnauer has invested in the pharamceutical industry since 1925 supplying some of the most trusted pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Production Sterile Processing

Bulk capacity autoclaves are ideal for pharmaceutical and biotech production lines where they are easily integrated with cleaning and sterilization systems used in pharmaceutical production.

Tuttnauer autoclave sterilization cycles will preserve the integrity of your products, packaging and instruments, while killing all micro-organisms. The pharmaceutical autoclaves have been developed to be used for many common applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Production Facility

Preparation Area

A1. Tuttnauer Autoclave

A2. Tuttnauer Autoclave

Filling Area

6. Control Station

7. Filling Machine

8. Pass Through Window

Production Area

1. Control Station

2. Reactor 1

3. Reactor 2

4. Pass Through Window

5. Pass Through Window



QA Laboratory Sterile Processing

Tuttnauer's small capacity autoclaves are well suited for R&D departments and QA laboratories where they integrate with quality management processes and conform with QA policies that required accurate monitoring and documentation, and precise control.


Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Facility

Preparation Area

1. Laboratory Washer Disinfector

A1. Tuttnauer Autoclave

A2. Tuttnauer Autoclave

Sterile Area

2. Laminar Hood


Supporting Products for Production and QA

Tuttnauer also provides:

  • Steam generators
  • Clean steam generators

Loading Equipment:

  • Pull-out trays (stainless steel) equipped with rails for easy loading and unloading.
  • Loading Carts and Transfer Carriages. The loading cart is designed to roll from the transfer carriage onto the chamber rails.
  • The carriage is equipped with a lock that prevents sliding, and swivel wheels with wheel breaks.